The autocar on the 11th October 2017. Unfortunately opportunities for such a view are limited as there’s usually a carriage on the other track.


January is often a time for reflection on progress, doubly so for us as we often have our AGM that month. Since last autumn a lot of work has been done on the engine room end, with the flooring now down, the side panelling installed and the roof-work frames cleaned and prepared to receive panels. In the passenger saloon, the floor lino is fitted and we’re installing the seating. The second cab-desk has been delivered and lifted into place. More control equipment and parts are ready to be fitted.

There’s still plenty of work to do but the end’s close enough for a member to speculate on having a fund-raising sweepstake on the date of entry into service! (The second most common question when the publicity stand’s out and about. We hope the correct answer will end with 2018…). The next exhibition we’re due to attend is York, held at Easter.

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