The trust aims to restore the original body to its rebuilt 1923 form, this involves re-uniting the body halves (it was cut in two to facilitate movement to its holiday home site at Keldholme), repairing damage to some window pillars and thoroughly overhauling the rest of the body structure.

Underframe and bogies
A suitable underframe and bogies have been secured, these will be re-engineered to take the new engine, generator, traction motors and control equipment. Modern regulations no longer allow the use of an old petrol engine, so a modern diesel generator set will be fitted with appropriate traction motors.

The interior will be restored to its original spec, with upholstered reversible seats and guard’s compartment/vestibule. Both driving positions will be replaced with modern control equipment in old tram style control columns.

Steam ruled…or did it?


In the days when steam ruled the rail, seas and factories, one railway found an alternative.

In 1903 the North Eastern Railway built a railcar powered by electricity generated from a petrol engine – this, when the Wright brothers had yet to fly!

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