Well, the first news is we’ve official recognition by the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s first internal combustion electric railcar. The 2018 edition is now out and we’re on page 203…

In terms of practical restoration, we’ve made good progress, with most of the bodywork now in good condition and the windows now glazed. The partition between the passenger saloon and engine room has been removed to allow underfloor floor bearers and cross members to be repaired. The engine room floor is being fitted and the passenger saloon’s floor is now in place. From many angles, in poor light, the autocar almost looks finished…

There is still much to do, even though there’s definitely light at the end of the tunnel. As ever, there’s room for volunteers, whether those with practical skills to help with restoration, or those who can help with ‘back-room’ activities. We take the publicity stand out to selected model exhibitions; our next attendance is at Leeds on the 28th & 29th October.

Photos courtesy of Alan Chandler. More coming soon.

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