Worsley Works has released a 2mm scale kit of the autocar. This ‘scratch-aid’ kit is for the later body type and will be accurate for the period 1908 – 1931. The kit is similar in nature to their 4mm autocar kit and contains brass etch pieces (for the floor, sides, ends and clerestory section) but lacks castings, glazing and wire, as well as the usual omissions of wheels, paint and transfers.

For further details, please visit Worsley Works web-site: www viagra einzeln bestellen.worsleyworks.co.uk. Kits can also be ordered from Worsley Works, 19 Douglas Road, Worsley, M28 2SR. The price per kit is £11 plus £1.60 P&P, cheques should be made payable to ‘A Doherty’.

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