The engine housing assembly has been delivered to our base at Loughborough. This has the engine and generator installed, together with some of the electronics necessary to control their functions. The chassis is also at Loughborough and is shortly to be strengthened. The motor bogie has been moved into place under the chassis.

At Embsay, work continues on the autocoach. The overall picture (courtesy Alan Chandler) shows the progress made: most panels painted in primer, allowing the beading to be tacked into place. The droplight frames are being worked on and are mostly complete, ready for varnishing and glazing. Some doors have been removed and are being worked on in volunteers’ workshops at home. We expect to canvas the roof and start glazing the windows this spring.

The non-engine room end of the autocar is also being restored, Alan Chandler is recreating the beading and gutters around the cab. Most individual components are curved in two dimensions and are real works of art…

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