The trust has launched a national appeal for funds, we have been successful with three grant applications (see below) but still require funding for extra engineering work. We have set ourselves a target of £50,000. An incentive scheme has been introduced for donors, with rewards for donations. The more you give the more you will receive.

Heritage Lottery Fund

In March 2011 the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) has awarded a grant of £465,800 to the trust to restore the Autocar and accompanying 1904 ‘autocoach.

PRISM fund

PRISM have awarded us £20,000 for the restoration of the bodywork.

Ken Hoole Trust

We have been awarded two grants: £6000 for initial funding and £6000 for doors on auto coach which is going towards the remedial cost of the woodwork.

Transport Loan Trust

transport-trustThe Transport Trust has agreed to provide us with a loan facility of up to £46,000 to enable completion. As you may know, we have been fortunate to gain grants from the Heritage Lottery Fund, PRISM and the Ken Hoole Trust and have raised funds ourselves. However, despite extensive initial planning, some aspects of the restoration have taken longer and proved more expensive than originally anticipated, primarily due to the remedial work needed on the chassis and inflation. This came as an unwelcome surprise at a late stage in the restoration – more details are in Newsletter No. 24. Stephen Middleton, our Chairman, said, “This is a fantastic vote of confidence and I am proud that the Transport Trust is associated with us”. The loan is to be repaid when autocar is operational. We would still welcome financial donations and donors are entitled to a range of benefits. Every pound we do not have to borrow will help our finances. We would also welcome skilled volunteers able to help with practical work, both with ‘hands-on’ restoration and support roles. The Transport Trust is the only national charity established to promote and encourage the preservation and restoration of Britain’s unique transport heritage in all its forms – by air, land (road and rail) and water (sea and inland).

How you can Help
Join the Autocar Trust, as a member you will receive our quarterly newsletter “Autocar” with all the latest news and developments on the restoration.

Members may also be able to help us with restoration work and fundraising. We are looking for volunteers to assist with restoration (both skilled and unskilled volunteers are welcome). You can also support us by donating a percentage of the proceeds from your sales on E-Bay to the Trust. The Trust has been registered on E-Bay as a charity – if you sell items, you may donate a percentage of the sale price to the Trust – we are known as “NER 1903 Electric Autocar Trust” –

We also have a selection of autocar branded goods for sale, from fridge magnets to fleeces and these can be purchased by writing in or e-mailing us.

Donate through PayPal

We would welcome any donations towards the costs of restoration through PayPal, alternatively cheques can be sent to the treasurer on our contact page. Click the button below to donate, or click here to view our membership options.

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